Jordan Cohen

Jordan first established himself in commodities back in 2009 as a Gold and Silver Specialist with a Precious Metals Firm based in Toronto. With over 10 years of sales Training and experience, his ability to open accounts with a high rate of success, lead him to becoming the Top Representative for Silver advice. After 2 years in the field and a deep understanding within the Bullion markets, Jordan began venturing away from the metals and focused more on Real Estate. With his Sister in 2011 Jordan established himself as a Real Estate Professional specializing in Residential Re-sale, Property Management and Lease and offer preparation for Commercial and Industrial Real Estate with a niche for Land acquisition and development. His dedication to the success for his clients has led to over 20 million dollars in Residential Real Estate Sales, dozens of Tenancy negotiations and has helped many investors and business owners reach their Real Estate Goals in Residential, Commercial and Real Estate Land Developments. You can expect the utmost high end services from Jordan and feel confident in his seasoned salesmanship skills and marketing techniques.

Satisfaction Guarenteed